01 July 2013

From Google Reader to Bloglovin' - EASY!!

As you all probably know, Google Reader is shutting down today. So, I've been wondering how to manage my "daily" reads after this date. Well, I found it the other day. When logging in to my Bloglovin' account, there was a BIG BUTTON reading: Import your Google Reader subscriptions. So I clicked the button, and VOILA!, all done. In just ONE easy click. The best part is that Unfollowing blogs is waaay easier at Bloglovin'!

To go to Bloglovin', click HERE :-)
To follow THIS blog at Bloglovin, click HERE :-)

That's todays commercials! 
Happy moving!

05 May 2013

Wow! Just had to show you this!

Found this amazing video via +Topdog Inuk.  Thank you for making me aware of it!
And thank you +Matteo Negrin for posting it at Youtube :-)

26 April 2013

Cupcake recipe

1 baby producing loads of laundry (two will make the cupcake even bigger!)
1 cupcake shaped laundry basket
34 laundry items in matching colours (or non-matching colours for a more rustic result)
1 well working washing machine

Put the laundry in washing machine.
Temperature: 60-95 C' for 2-3 hours
Drying time: 1-2 days (a dryer will make this step way quicker!!)

Final step:
The Cupcake appears automatically when the baby is not sleeping very much.

Good luck!!

19 April 2013

Trygg forankring?

For ikke lenge siden, under en strom, var jeg ute og gikk tur med hunden. Da så jeg disse to, sittende og holde seg fast i de gyngende ledningene.

Lurer på om det kan være trost?
Pene syns jeg hvertfall de var, og ganske så modige:-)

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